Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation/ enlargement remains one of the most popular surgeries available to women.

Breast size and shape certainly influences the way a woman experiences her femininity!

Who would benefit from a breast enlargement?

Should a woman feel that her bust line has always been too small or has become too small following pregnancy or weight loss, then she ought to be a suited candidate for a breast enlargement.

The Consultation

During the consultation a thorough history will be taken regarding your general health, pregnancies as well as your family history of breast disease.

There after your breasts will be examined which will include several measurements, to determine whether you are a suited candidate for a breast enlargement. These measurements together with breast sizers will be used to determine the correct size prostheses. BREAST SIZE IS ALWAYS A PERSONAL CHOICE  and I will only assist and guide you in making the correct decision.

“Before photos” of your breasts will be taken.

During the consultation, numerous “before and after photos ” of patients operated by Dr. van Schalkwyk will be shown. Patients will also have the opportunity to contact other patients who have already undergone a similar procedure, to obtain first-hand information regarding the outcome of the operation.


Breast enlargements are one of the most commonly performed operations in my practice. There are different ways of performing a breast enlargement.

Variables include:

  • The type of prosthesis
  • Incision placement
  • The positioning of the prosthesis with regard to the chest muscle ( pectoralis major)

I  choose to do the following technique:

Round, silicone prosthesis, with different profiles to suit my patient’s needs. ( Eurosilicone,  France)

I mainly place prosthesis behind the muscle (dual plane) because of better quality soft tissue coverage, usually allowing for a more natural feel.  If, patients have sufficient soft tissue, i.e. breast tissue and subcutaneous fat, I will consider to position the prosthesis in front of the muscle.

All breast enlargements are done under general anesthetic, in a dedicated, fully licensed, cosmetic surgery hospital.

Patients are normally discharged on the same day.

Duration of Procedure approximately 1.5 hours  

What are the Risks?

A breast enlargement is not a high-risk procedure.  As with any surgery, risks may occur.  The following risks may occur:

1. INFECTION:  Infection is very seldom seen.

Precautionary measures taken to prevent infection are:

*pre-operative antibiotics

*operating in a dedicated cosmetic surgery hospital where NO septic cases are ever operated

2.HEMATOMA ( excessive bleeding)

This complication, although seldom experienced may occur.  To prevent this to a large degree make sure that you are not taking any medication or substances that may cause excessive bleeding ( see list at Pre-operative instructions)

Most hematomas will have to be drained in theatre.


This occurs when the capsule begins to tighten around the prosthesis resulting in the breasts feeling hard.  This could occur within the first few months but may also form years later.  Severe capsular contracture will always require further surgery.


Patients may initially experience increased or decreased sensation in their nipples. Despite this mostly returning to normal with time, this may be a permanent problem in the minority of cases.


After your surgery, you can expect discomfort or pain for up to one week.  It is important that you slowly walk around and not only stay in bed. You may gently raise your arms directly after the operation as in combing your hair or brushing your teeth. No reaching above your shoulders or lifting heavy objects. Remember, if it causes discomfort you should not be doing it!

You will be discharged with a firm breast support/ medical bra which you will wear day and night for the first six weeks. It is suggested for long lasting results, that you wear a bra for the rest of your life.

  • Do not wet your breasts for one week.
  • You may start driving and doing office type work after one week.
  • Exercising may resume after 4-6 weeks.
  • Sexual activity may resume after 2 weeks. (As comfort permits)