Breast Lift

Sagging breasts occur due to genetic factors, pregnancy, weight loss and ageing. This typically results in the breasts drooping and appearing to be elongated with the nipple complex cited below the level of the breast crease, resulting in the so called POSITIVE PENCIL TEST, whereby a pencil may be kept in the fold below the breast.

Who will benefit from a breast lift?

If you can relate to the above-mentioned aspects of sagging breasts and you notice that the upper poles of your breasts are flat when not wearing a bra, then you probably qualify for a breast lift!


Although different techniques exist, all procedures are about repositioning the sagging breast tissue and reducing the skin envelope. Should you be lacking in breast volume a combination of a lift together with breast prostheses could be necessary.  This combination could either be done in a single stage or alternatively in two stages ( normally the safer option).

Although scars are always limited to the shortest possible scars, a lift without scars is never possible. Most women will regard their scars as a fair trade off. All breast lifts are done under general anesthetic in a dedicated, fully licensed cosmetic surgery hospital. Most patients will stay in the hospital for one night for their own comfort and safety.

Duration of Surgery 2.5 hours 

What are the Risks?

As with any form of surgery, risks may occur, although major complications are rare.

The following risks could occur:


Seldom seen due mainly to prophylactic antibiotics being given during the operation, together with all procedures done in a dedicated cosmetic hospital where NO SEPTIC CASES  are allowed.


Excessive bleeding, although seldom seen it is mainly associated with the use of medications/ substances that cause increased bleeding.( refer to Pre- operative instructions, list of substances causing increased bleeding)


Most patients will experience either increased or decreased nipple sensation following a breast lift albeit of a temporary nature. Permanent nipple sensation loss is seldom experienced.


Should a patients body not form good scars.


Patients could experience a burning sensation for a few hours following a breast lift. During this period however, strong pain medication will be administered as frequently as is permitted. The following morning your drains will be removed by the surgeon. After breakfast, served by our friendly staff, you’ll be discharged with a first, follow up appointment, made on your behalf, one week after your operation.

During the first week, you will experience some discomfort in your breasts, which most patients would not describe as severe pain. Although you need to rest and take life easy during this week you should constantly move around and not just stay in bed (PREVENTS THROMBOSIS). Bathing may take place shortly after your surgery although you may not wet your breasts during the first week.

  • You may start driving and doing office type work after one week.
  •  No strenuous exercising for 4-6 weeks.
  • Sexual activity resumed after 2 weeks with care.(As comfort permits )