Botox is a highly purified toxin, produced by a particular strain of bacteria. With the toxic properties neutralized, the paralysing effect of botox is put to good use in a number of medical conditions, including facial spasms, migraines, squints, hyperhidrosis( excessive sweating).

In plastic surgery, botox is used for treatment of facial wrinkles, caused by muscles of facial expression. Skin wrinkles appear perpendicular to the muscle contracture of underlying facial muscles.

The most commonly treated frown lines are :

  • The vertical lines between the eyebrows  (glabellar frown lines)
  • The horizontal lines across the forehead
  • ‘Laughing lines’ at the sides of the eyes

Botox is administered using a small syringe with an extremely thin needle, either as an office procedure or together with surgery in theatre.

The art of using botox is to achieve a natural rejuvenated look, without giving the patient an expressionless, mask-like, appearance!