Gynecomastia is a non cancerous excess of male breast gland tissue, most often caused by hormone changes in men.  All men produce estrogen, although their levels of testosterone are much higher preventing the estrogen from causing breast tissue to grow.

  • 35%- 40% of healthy men at some time in their life is affected by this condition.
  • It is often seen in newborn babies, adolescent boys around puberty and in older men.
  • Certain medications are also known to cause these changes as well as certain health conditions e.g. testicular failure, obesity, liver cirrhosis.
  • Having gynecomastia could slightly increase your chance of male breast cancer. Although gynecomastia is a common condition, breast cancer is rare.

Surgical treatment of gynecomastia is usually done by means of liposculpture only or a combination of liposculpture and open surgery.

  • The procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic and sedation.
  • No overnight stay required.

Duration of Procedure approximately 60 to 90 minutes 


In the case of open surgery patients will normally be discharged with drainage tubes( removed 1-2 days later).

  • All patients are discharged wearing a corset( for at least 3 weeks)
  • Patients experience more of a discomfort than pain.
  • Office type work may be resumed after  1 week.
  • No strenuous exercising for 4 weeks.
What are the Risks?

As with any form of surgery, risks are possible, although few and far between. Possible risks are:

Post-Operative Care