The face and neck are parts of the body mostly exposed to natures elements. It is therefore these parts of our bodies that show the first signs of ageing (often aggravated by habits such as smoking). Unfortunately it is also these parts of our bodies with their tell tale signs of ageing that are exposed for all to see! THE AIM OF FACIAL SURGERY  is for you to look as good as possible for your age but still to be recognized as you! Many people were put off from facelifts in the past , where the outcome of facelifts had the typical Hollywood, tight , wind tunnel like appearance.

Modern facelifts not only elevate and tigthen  the underlying sagging soft tissue in the face and neck but also restore volume where needed.

Who will benefit from Facelift?

The ideal candidates are normally 40 years and older, wishing to look somewhat refreshed and rejuvenated.
Facial surgery is all about a natural look , allowing you to look as good for your age as possible.

What are the effects of ageing?
  • Facial skin, due to exposure to natures elements and factors such as smoking undergo changes such as wrinkles, deepening of facial expression lines as well as pigmentary changes.
  • Loss of facial volume especially in the malar ( cheek ) areas.
  • Descent( ptosis) of the facial soft tissue, causing deep nasolabial lines, marionette lines, flattened cheeks,  jowls and sagging neck skin.
  • Weakened support structures cause bulging around the eyes.
    • All facial surgery is performed in theatre under sedation and local anesthetic.( totally pain-free)
    • Modern facelifts are performed through a short incision hidden in the natural folds and curves in front of the ear. The scar is slightly extended further into the side burn area where it is well concealed.Scars generally fade well with time and are extremely well concealed.
    • Liposculpture of the jawline and neck are done in most facelifts.
    • The deeper sagging soft tissue( referred to as SMAS) is exposed, elevated and anchored.
    • Excess skin is then excised.
    • Volume using the patients own fat is restored where necessary, usually in the cheek areas, nasolabial lines, and lips.

    Duration of procedure: 3-4 hours

    One night stay-over.