Eyelid Reduction/ Blepharoplasty

Aging of the face usually begins around the eyes, resulting in a fullness around the eyes, with/ without bulges in the lower eyelids.

The woman will often first become aware of these changes when noticing that the ‘ mascara space’ is starting to decrease or disappear entirely due to excess soft tissue in this area.

Whilst communicating with one another, eye contact is constantly being made revealing these tell tale signs to others!

Unfortunately, fullness/ puffiness around our eyes doesn’t always reveal the truth about how old we are or how we feel.Questions such as ‘ Are you tired ‘ when you’re not are often asked, triggered by your appearance.

In severe cases, excess soft tissue in the upper lids could impede on one’s fields of vision.


All eyelid reductions are done under local anesthetic and sedation( pain-free).
Eyelid reductions could either be done on the upper or lower eyelids only or both.
These procedures could be done on their own or in combination with a facelift.

Prior to the surgery, the excess skin is carefully marked, with as much attention paid to the soft tissue remaining as to the soft tissue removed!
Components adding to the fullness around the eyes are skin, muscle and fat.

The different anatomic layers add to the fullness around the eyes in a varying manner, influenced by genetic factors.
The scars are strategically positioned so as to conceal them.
A good surgical outcome may be regarded as a beautiful, natural, refreshed look, without an exaggerated look.

Duration of procedure:

  • upper eyelids only, Less than 1 hour.
  • lower eyelids only  1 hour.
  • both upper and lower eyelids, 2 hours.

No overnight stay required.


Eyelid reductions are not regarded as painful procedures, rather more of a discomfort.

The expected amount of swelling and bruising differs from patient to patient, with patients in general being so called presentable after 7-10 days following surgery.

Slight camouflage using make up could at times be necessary in the case of a woman.
NB do take note not to use any aspirin containing medicine 14 days prior to surgery, which could increase bleeding/bruising! (Also see medications/ substances causing increased bleeding pre operative instructions)